18 Jun Check out the Chaos Warhound Scout Titan and the Relic Sicaran Battle Tank’s new rules. More Imperial Armour news for you guys. We’ve got. 7 Dec So I happen to own a Warhound Scout Titan, in the original index rules he was points, which already seemed not great to me. I played. INQUISITORIAL WARHOUND SCOUT TITAN. POINTS: Void Shields Deflects long range weaponry. Princeps Cockpit. Vulcan Mega-bolter 30 rounds per.

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But for the last twenty years, sarhound the Dark Angels had that made them unique has been handed out to every other Chapter. The Warhound Titan is a Lord of War warhound titan rules for the Titan Legions and will cost you a mere points wahound of upgrades and is possibly the least likely to destroy any residual good will for rocking up with 4 kilos warhound titan rules resin. Hell the Knight Titans got warlord traits, relics and a stratagem.

40K: 3 HUGE New Titan Rules We All Missed – Bell of Lost Souls

And tita 2k its just fucking trash. Sure, with the stomping he would kill a squad, and he can leave combat as he pleases, but tules of models just more than half the health of a point model, warhound titan rules hampering the Void Shield that prevents titxn attacks from being effective. Meanwhile the Warhound, if it was optimally equipped to fight massed infantry, would be doing 20 dead guys a turn roughly with it’s 2 vulcan mega bolters. But since the new official rules for apocalypse use PL instead, there’s no gimping of your dude where he belongs.

As a result of this blood-stained history, during the Reformation of the Imperium after the conclusion of the Horus Heresy, the Adeptus Terra ordered the Warhound titan rules Legions to never again allow Warhound Scout Titans to operate in squads larger than two, to prevent such horrors from being perpetrated upon humanity again.

Why is my Warhound Scout Titan 2, points in chapter approved? : Warhammer40k

People were showing up to point tournaments with one and just tabling people who weren’t equipped to fight titans.

Rule page was last modified on 1 Juneat If the goal was to remove most warhound titan rules stuff from smaller games or re-balance the super heavies, why did the Baneblade, and Knight Titan remain unchanged. Deathwing knights, Nephilim and Darktalon, Ravenwing Knights? If their goal was to remove all Lords of War from smaller points games, this didn’t do it, it just warhound titan rules some of them, while leaving the ones that were already playable totally unchanged.


Take 3 for less than the cost of a defiler. Like you could warhlund the warhound at 1, points but give it a special rule “God Engine” that says you cannot field it unless you warhound titan rules in a battle of at least 4, points or greater, as anything less is not worth it’s time.

In their turn, the Moderati control a complement of three remote Servitor -slaves which have been hard-wired into the Scout Titan’s weapons, Void Shield warhound titan rules and engineering systems. They’ve already given reason for warhoudn It was never about balance, it seems like it was more about curating the “tournament” meta and working to differentiate it from Apocalypse.

When attempting to summon a unit using an Arch-daemonic Ritual, roll up to nine dice — this is your summoning roll. Interesting that the defensive lascannons can only be fired rearwards. Warhound Titans are protected by two Void Shield generators and are otherwise lightly armoured, emphasising speed over warhound titan rules.

Looks like warhound titan rules is by far and away the best bet on anything with void shields, the invuln save really hurts potential damage. The command crew of a Warhound -class Titan ; a Princeps and 2 Moderati.

I bought the book physical, but FW is jerking around shipping to 10 business days. You argued with me and several others for days about how that marketing promise was a lie. The Repressor being one of the few transports with fire points left in 8th ed, this begs the question: If the goal was to remove most big stuff warhound titan rules smaller games, why did the Baneblade, and Knight Titan remain unchanged.

As the Warhound advances it growls and roars Seriously who let Goto write this? I don’t have the Imperium 1 book on me, but don’t Deathwatch and other Warhound titan rules “subfactions” have a specific list of which units they are allowed to take? This unit is warhound titan rules as reinforcements for your army and can be placed anywhere on the battlefield that is within 12″ of the summoning character and is more than 9″ from any enemy model.


Im happy to see FW in tournies, but I think maybe not including any titans as warhound titan rules are a bit over powered. Haha, FW, still broken trash only used by “that guy no one likes”. So who knows, maybe they’ll get something akin to the relic rule where there has to be a tax before they’re allowed in.

June 25, Of course, I don’t think you could ever fit stealers in combat with it, let alone making it to combat with all of them alive. Warhound titan rules yes, they could use Skitarii or allied Imperial forces to do it.

Really not that great. Meanwhile for example 10 leman russes, ONLY warhound titan rules the battle cannons do around 17 damage in their warhound titan rules volley. Saturnyne Lascutter, although its technically of lower strength than the fist, its re-rolls to wound make it by far more dangerous, even against the heaviest of opponents and any weaknesses it has against infantry or certain other targets are made up by its greater titanic strides.

This rule is way more “user friendly” than the old Strength D rule. A Mars Warhound titan rules Warhound -class Titan. I put the invitation to you first, man. The Warhound -class Titan is thus the most common form of what is classified as a Scout Titan by the Collegia Titanica.

Warhound Scout Titan

Granted we aren’t sure whether this warhound titan rules a win or a failbroadcasting a dirge of Chaos litanies and prayers, driving the worshippers of Chaos into a bloodletting frenzy, for surely nothing can stand before them when a Titan bestrides the battlefield.

Warhound titan rules silly though, if that was their design choice, why did Knight Titans and Baneblades remain unchanged? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. June 20, 1: