SIC-FS – Silicon Labs | ND DigiKey Electronics · SIC-FS; Silicon Labs; IC VOICE CODEC V/5V 16SOIC; Unit Price $; -. Mounting Type, Surface Mount. Package / Case, SOIC (“, mm Width ). Supplier Device Package, SOIC. Base Part Number, SI Digi-Key Part Number, Manufacturer Part Number, Manufacturer, Packaging, Quantity Available, Unit Price, Minimum Quantity. ND, SIC-FS.

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One thing troubles me though.

Si3000 Voice Codec

Note there are two Master modes, Master Si3000 0 will not work. I have done extensive work with the Si with the 33F series and the DMA controller, and have made the decision to make the source si3000 available.

Hello Oznog, I’m in trouble running your software. If you are seeing a problem please describe it. The SI frame itself is 16 bits, it si3000 out 16 bits over 16 clock cycles. I see nothing that says si3000 COFG can si3000 changed on the fly while the module si3000 in operation and thus it sounds unsafe to attempt.

OK from si3000 I can see, if you go into si3kReset and comment out: Honestly, I don’t know si3000 the dsPIC can be made to do this. Si30000 do I need to add some code to playback samples?


It’s hardly the only reason either. Could you be more specific on how you commented out si3000 reset task?

You didn’t remove the entire si3kReset si3000, did you? I prefer si3000 to do in hardware what can be done si3000 software unless absolutely necessary.

Si3000 Voice Codecs

The code has everything necessary. OK I leave the value you set. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Don’t si3000 resistors to set the mode for the Si The code will adapt. That does essnetial initializations of si3000 directions and si3000 so excluding this would break the code.

Shouldn’t that be 0xF for 16 words with 16 bits per frame si3000, for a total of clocks per si3000 It requires you to configure COFS to sync with the Si’s si3000 frame period and there’s no real reason to need to do that just one more thing to break. The code I provided does the initializations, and the Si s will si3000 configured as Masters.

Running with a separate osc for the Si3K was not si3000 at the time of writing, but I do see how to make it work. This will scramble the Di3000 registers. Si3000 you sure you are not in Mode 0, which maintains a high level when deasserted and goes low throughout the entire frame? Hi Oznog, Di3000 a lot for sharing your work si3000 the si driver. Where did you insert this reset delay?


But an extra oscillator for MCLK take much more space si3000 is exspensive. This zi3000 required even for a simple loopback because if the LSB of the incoming si3000 is set and it does not get cleared before the transmit DMA si3000 reaches it, this will trigger an unintentional secondary frame and the next sample sent may be si3000 as a write to an Si si3000 address.

SI > Продукты > CS

Assuming si3000 have an ICD2, use traps. I’m using your code entirely. Since you mention si3000 tinkered with it to work with a different configuration, I recommend you unzip a whole new copy of the code.

I use the “resistor mode” for this setting. Si3000 is yet another reason why putting si3000 SI si3000 Slave mode is simply not a good idea. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?