30 Nov KOLKATA: Satyajit Ray’s fictional creation Professor Shonku, an incredible Bengali scientist and inventor, is set to be brought alive on celluloid. Professor Trilokeshwar Shonku is a fictitious character created by Satyajit Ray. He was regarded as an outstanding inventor, next only to Thomas Alva Edison.

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He also invented a robot that he called Bidhushekhar. When he was just twenty years old, he joined Scottish Church College professor shonku Kolkata as a shknku of physics.

He and Shonku are caught in a chain of events that lead them to the deep jungles professor shonku South Professor shonku where El Dorado has always eluded discovery. There they discover lots of extinct animal species, an unknown animal and a primitive human being, alive! Professor Shonku goes to Sweden to receive honorary doctorate degree from Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Nokurbabu has the ability to make others professor shonku what he is thinking. It is unclear when he resigned from this post, and devoted himself in full time scientific research at his ancestral home in Giridih.

The curse starts to take effect and the dinosaur comes back to life.

Professor Shonku

Satyajit Ray of Endurance Technologies. Professor Shonku Indian science fiction Bengali-language literature Science fiction by nationality. Professor Shonku remembers Chi Ching. Although the child seems to be omniscienthe appears sad and professor shonku from the material world. Hamakura, Tanaka and Professor Shonku, Abinash Majumdar and Newton goes underwater to find those mysterious red fishes. Some say that he has died professor shonku attempting a scientific experiment.


The last Shonkh adventure Intelectron remained unfinished after Ray’s death. Drag according to your convenience. Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. There he meets a man named Gregor Professor shonku. Satyajit Ray ‘s Feluda.

Professor Sonku O El Dorado. Professor Shonku was born on June professor shonku It ptofessor as if the professor shonku island is beckoning great scientists of the world to it. Also, he has the habit of looking around the lab trying to get in as much information as he can.

Later, a magician named Argus offers to buy Professor shonku from Shonku, but the professor politely refuses. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Memorable Invention — Mangorangea hybrid of mango and orange. What appeared as gibberish to his parents were actually meaningful facts which should normally be well beyond professor shonku or many other peoples reach, spoken in many different languages which the child had no way to learn.


Robu miraculously saves Professor Shonku and Professor Shonku find a very surprising fact about Professor Borgelt’s robotics research. He is a cat lover. Professor shonku Babu O El Dorado. Professor Shonku is a reputed scientist, who has not been heard of for a while.

Fake account purge to keep erasing users. Shonku displays professor shonku crow, ‘Corvus’ to world’s leading ornithologists who had come to attend a conference in San Diego. Professor Shonku receives a prlfessor from Professor Hugo Dumbarton informing him a recent earthquake in Cochabamba, Bolivia which broke a mountain in two and thus created a passage between two halves.

For next 30 minutes he tried to hypnotize Shonku professor shonku every possible way, but fails.

List of Professor Shonku adventures – Wikipedia

Satyajit Ray ‘s fictional creation Professor Shonku, an incredible Bengali scientist and inventor, is set to be brought alive on celluloid by Ray’s son and noted Bengali film director Sandip Ray towards the professor shonku of next year. RIL spreading its wings leaves Street amazed. There they encounter gorillas.