One Night at the Call Center has ratings and reviews. This was the first Chetan Bhagat book that I’d read, soon after it was published, and trust me. One Night at call center by Chetan Bhagat. Pages·· KB·1, Downloads. One! Before you begin this book, I have a small Chetan bhagat. The one with God or the one without him?In a similar fashion, Chetan Bhagat tried to give a mystic touch to his novel by including a part with his interaction with .

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I don’t understand how someone could read you if they were not being paid to do so. Esha wants to be a model, but keeps getting told that she’s too short.

Bhaga is a romantic comedy of six friends kicking against the system, against their boss, and against each other. Let’s read this one too. Dec 10, Pages. Didn’t connect with any character in the story but they were quite realistic. So, we thought, what the heck. It’s just as basic a need.

On this night of a thousand phone calls, when life couldn’t look more dismal, one unique caller gets on the line. I cxll that I sat on the freeway in traffic thinking “well, I guess it’s for a certain sort of reader that doesn’t read a book for its beautiful language or interesting characters, it’s a pop parable designed for shallow, ignorant people, and shallow people deserve books too, especially when the parable has the message of staying true to yourself” but you are pandering prejudiced poorly written trash and the fact that you don’t even know you’re trash makes me even angrier.

I can write a better book than this. This book very simply leaves you depressed. Refresh and try again. Cenfer first book I read that was written by him,2 States,wasn’t hhagat good either.


D synopsis presentation on anti-globalisation in Indian literature and this was one of the selected works.

One Night @ the Call Center – Chetan Bhagat

Books by Chetan Bhagat. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view.

This self-projection as God is deeply narcissistic and trivialises the sacred.

I have heard that some of his books have vastly improved but I need a lot time to recover before I dive in again. This was pretty idiotic stuff from someone who very proudly boast himself to belong to the best thinking tanks of the country the IITs and the IIMs The initial Call Center stuff was okay-okay and i wished it remained to that only but after that i thought Chetan Bhagat got a great boost of his “so-called” creative sparks, using which he generated a story that was pretty much hard and obnoxious to digest i mean what a ridiculous idea it would be to fool people around with a simple bug involved in the MS word and making them fearing it to such an effect which the author has proposed and GOD conducting a joint conference with all of them ,: An average Joe Or should we say sasi?

Shyam loves but has lost Priyanka, who is now planning an arranged marriage with another; Vroom loves Esha. It takes place during one night, during which all of the leading characters confront some aspect of themselves or their lives they would like to change. It’s like that typical book, with the lead character repenting himself and mumbling and grumbling all through. I think you need to understand how my system works. I need a lot of love. But, of course, in the end, everything’s okay and he ‘realizes’ that he is to blame for all his acts, something you as a reader realized right at the beginning.


One Night at the Call Center

This book sucked at all levels. View all 5 comments. I also, for the most part, like the marriage of whimsy and realism in the text.

It’s funny that we never say it. The fact that this book was a big hit in India kinda concerns me actually. The story has some outrageously fantastic elements like a phone call from Godwhile being narrated in the most clal of ways. Chetan Bhagat writes op-ed columns for English and Hindi newspapers, including Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar, focusing on youth and issues based on national development.

One Night @ the Call Center – Wikipedia

Well, to begin with,the characters were quite ordinary. I liked the ending though. They have serious issues of the heart. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And that call is going to change everything After enjoying for a while, they leave for the office.

Still, I nightt a good time reading it, and that makes up for a lot. I also, for the most part, like the marriage of Like a Douglas Coupland book set in India, this novel follows a group of six people working the night shift at a failing call center on Thanksgiving Day.

I never stopped being intrigued as to how the night would play out. In my view, the failing is a moral one.