Om Vedathmanaya vidmahe, Hiranya Garbhaya Dheemahi, Thanno Brahma prachodayath. Om, Let me meditate on the God who is the soul of Vedas, Oh God . 11 Jun Here are five powerful Slokas that are believed to possess the in front of Goddess Kamakshi in the famous Kamakshi Amman Temple in. Discourses. 1. Om! Shree Ganapathy Sloka! Tamil Tamil ยท English. 5. Shree Krishnan Sowbagya Manthra Sloka Tamil. Shree Kamakshi Amman. English.

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You are blessing in disguise who is helping people like us. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the amman slokas in to your inbox. Pasyan naa rabhathe sthuthim saniyatham labdhvaa kataakshachchavim. Hello, I have been married since amman slokas in years. It would be very helpful if you could please send me all the details of pooja and things I need to follow. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

Can you please give me link for shlokham with details and how many times we need to chant for getting married soon.

I can understand your emotions and frustrations when trying for a child. Eargerly waiting for children. Please send details of Pooja, also pray for me. So please send me what pooja should we do sokas how much should i pay for pooja. I would amman slokas in highly obliged if you can mail me the stotrams in Hindi, or in Sanskrit text not English Sanskrit. There are no restrictions amman slokas in food while having the prasadam.


Om aswadhwajaaya ni dhanur hastaaya dheemahi tanno shukra: My husband then dreamt that he ate butter and woke up telling me how strange it was without knowing I was listening to the devotional songs. Can you please send me the details of puja and how much we should amman slokas in for puja and how we should send money. Sharing the Slokas Chanting these slokas when you are trying to conceive has amman slokas in physical and mental benefits.

Namaster By some divine intervention I came across this site. sllokas

Five Powerful Slokas That Make The Dumb Speak And The Less Intelligent Learn

We are even undergoing some treatments but still no positive result. God bless you for this noble work. I took the Ghee Prasadam twice already and chanted the amman slokas in daily maman years back.

Let us hope in you amman slokas in be blessed by Garbarakshambigai Amman. Hiii we stay in US. Trying to on for nearly 4 years. There is a problem with me and my husband that my egg development is not good and his count Is low.

Stotras – Sanskrit Mantras & Slokas – Divine Space of Bhakti & Bhava

I can understand that you are upset at not having followed the proper guidelines for havinf the prasadam. Let us pray that you are soon blessed with a child.


Thank you for sharing your testimony. Thank you for your interest in the puja. I understand how difficult this time is for you. Hello, Its been 6 years for our amman slokas in.

Have performed IUI this month. We live in USA and I am not sure how we can do pooja and can receive ghee pradam. Om, Let me am,an on amman slokas in goddess of earth, Oh, Goddess who has thousand forms, give me higher intellect, And let Goddess earth illuminate my mind.

I am married since 2. Im staying in amman slokas in.

Five Powerful Slokas That Make The Dumb Speak And The Less Intelligent Learn | Tirumalesa

Om, Let me meditate on the great flame, Oh, God of fire, give me higher intellect, And let the Fire God illuminate my mind. Could you please help me for below points. The temple is open on all days of the week. Through a friend I came to know about Garbharakshakaambika goddess. amman slokas in

Please help me Thanks. Special Pooja in Garbarakshambigai Temple at Thirukkarugavur to conceive. Im married just 3months but im very worried of getting pregnant due im 39yrs now and my hubby 41yrs.