Dark car logo [email protected] Audi A4 maintenance. It’s important to keep up with the Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance Schedule for your Car or Truck. Audi service plan for vehicles made in , , and Audi Maintenance at 5, miles and every subsequent 20, mile interval. This service At 55, miles only for the A4 and A8: Clean housing and replace air filter. For the A4. In the first section, you are able to download the official Audi Maintenance Schedule for each model year from through Below that you will find the.

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Replace Fuel Filter A3 2. Little stuff so far.

My manual says nothing about after 95, miles, but there is a pattern through out the mileage intervals. Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends Check function of Front Lighting: Check the renewal date of tire repair set where applicable Check underbody for damage and leaks Check adjustments and function of the windshield wiper and washer system; add fluid if necessary Check condition of wiper blades and replace if necessary Road Test: Other Audi models we service Choose your Audi model to learn more about its repair and maintenance costs.

Searched a little longer but couldnt seem to find a conclusive answer and didnt see it done in the service intervals. Your dealer should be able to give you the service items you need. Engine oil Engine oil filter Dust and pollen filter Spark plugs Replacement air cleaner Battery Replacement windshield wipers Lubricate for door hinge ausi Lights kit fog and breaks need replacing Brake fluid I don’t think the brake fluid has ever been changed, the windscreen manitenance either they don’t work very well, hehand the door hinges make a creaking sound.


What is the link? Thereafter every 30, miles or 6 years, whichever occurs first TT RS: Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement.

Audi Scheduled Maintenance Intervals and Procedures for Denver Drivers

Reading the list, I’m guessing these parts will cover it: Simply scroll down to your approximate vehicle mileage and the detailed service information appears below. Scheduled Maintenance for Audi A4. Click the button again to make it disappear. In fact, this information is presented twice. Thereafter every 40, miles or 3 years, whichever occurs first A3 3.

What should I be considering? Replaced the cams and still saw oil starvation. Meet some of our expert Audi mechanics Real customer reviews from Audi owners like you. Number of Reviews Change oil and replace filter Fill completely with fresh AdBlue maximum capacity 23 liters and adapt learned values for AdBlue tank under guided fault finding after filling fluid only applicable to TDI Clean housing and replace Air Shcedule filter element A8 6.

Audi A4 Quattro Maintenance Schedule

Show example Audi A4 prices. Here’s what I’ve done with my A4 1. Check condition of timing belt tensioning system, dampening pulleys, and idler pulleys and replace if necessary 2.

Check tension of belt drive with manual tensioner and retension if necessary TT RS, 2. Thereafter, every 30, miles or 6 years, whichever occurs first. How did you know your oil pump went out? You should change your aaudi name to Preventive Maintenance Guy.

Audi A4 Repair & Maintenance Estimates

Compression tests shown total loss in cylinders 2 and 3 maintebance render the engine done. As the information in this section can vary slightly by model and year, the information in the official Audi documents Model Year downloads is probably a little more accurate. So you can just choose the mileage that your vehicle currently has and view what will take place at your next scheduled maintenance visit. Other practice is to not wait until the gas tank is at empty to fill up.


Your Guide to Audi Scheduled Maintenance Intervals and Procedures

Chris 19 years of experience. The car is now being driven by our daughter. Not seeing anything about changing tranny fluid?

A good shop that knows these 204 will know what to look for based on where the car has lived throughout its life. Results 1 to 23 of Details are sketchy in my head, hence the vagueness. Exterior Car Door Handle Replacement. Another recommended step if you have not done so yet, is to take the car to a trusted Audi specialist who can check the car thoroughly and give you an honest rundown of what needs attention asap, what will need to be done in the near-term and what looks like it has been recently replaced.

I always try to edit my posts for the best grammar and easiest reading. Brake discs — Check thickness Perform first at 40, miles or 6 years, whichever occurs first. The best indicator of what service needs to be done next is documented service history.

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